About us

The ISOC representative office in Ukraine faces the task of further development of the Ukrainian Internet community. How do we understand development?
First of all, this is the formation of a system of trust in the Internet environment. We have acquired sufficient technical and technological skills.
But we have problems with Internet management.
We see our goal as involving all interested parties in solving problems, building a constructive dialogue between all subjects.
We pay special attention to issues of work with students and pupils.
Based on the experience of discussions within ISOC International, we want to form an independent and neutral expert platform in Ukraine for the development of solutions that will allow us to build the Internet together for the benefit of all.
Among the tasks, we see the formation of access to rural and remote areas, the creation of conditions for free access to knowledge, the promotion of the growth of consumer services, the development of self-regulation and the search for a balance between state regulation and self-regulation, the improvement of the internal system and infrastructure of IPX, the creation of effective protection of intellectual property rights and the rights of individuals from violations of the Internet, building a general system of trust in the Internet ecosystem, etc.

ISOC UA: Internet for all
Internet Society Ukraine is the Ukrainian section (“department”) of ISOC International and as such a part of this international non-governmental organization. ISOC is committed to an open, neutral, decentralized and reliable internet accessible to everyone. We encourage a broad public debate on Internet-related topics in which all stakeholders are equally represented.

Stable internet
An important part of ISOC’s mission is to develop and promote Internet standards and protocols for a stable Internet. ISOC is the umbrella organization for a number of international organizations that research, develop or promote standards and protocols: IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IAB (Internet Architecture Task Force), IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) and IRTF (Internet Engineering Task Force) . ). IANA, the Internet Numbering Agency, also falls under ISOC.

Center of knowledge
ISOC members are Internet professionals with a very broad pool of knowledge. By pooling and sharing this knowledge as effectively as possible, for example in the form of expert groups, ISOC is a high-quality and substantively neutral discussion platform for policy-makers, experts and stakeholders. ISOC also performs an important knowledge management function for these parties.

Advice to political bodies
There is still a lot of unexplored territory in the field of legislation and regulations relating to the Internet. When necessary, ISOC deliberately brings together the knowledge of members, experts, policymakers and stakeholders to provide advice to political bodies, when requested and desired, on these laws and regulations. A number of important policy-level topics that ISOC is constantly working on are: censorship and freedom of expression, privacy protection and (cross-border) economic conditions and thresholds, all where it interacts with the Internet.

Documents of the NGO “Ukrainian Branch of the World Internet Community”

  1. Statute
  2. ISOC Ukraine Chapter Charter Agreement
  3. Extract from the UDR